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July 31, 2018

Zadar is another Croatian coastline gem that is very similar to Split, but slightly smaller in size. It’s flat landscape makes it perfect for families for relaxing strolls through the town. The Limestone treatment on the streets and as building material gets illuminated at night by streetlights and open air cafe’s for a romantic vision of a historic town. Out of all the towns we visited in Croatia I would say that Zadar was most kid friendly. Only because they had this super fun fair type park next to the sea where children could ride carnival rides, jump in bouncy houses and play on the playground. Here is my top 7 list of things to do in Zadar with the family during the Summer.

Take a Tourist Train Ride |

If you have a toddler there is no way you can pass by a street train without having to ride it. This is the case with my son. He would not get away from this train once he saw it parked on the street waiting for passengers to board. We had to board it otherwise a meltdown would begin. The funny thing is we didn’t realize how long the train ride would be, and after about 10 min he was ready to jump out and get to the next activity. If it’s your first time in Zadar I actually totally recommend getting on it. You can find the train stop by the Monument to the Sun area. It drives you all through the town and you get to see a few spots you otherwise might have not if you were just going by foot. The Train ride was about 20ish minutes I would say and it takes you around the coastline and through the city center. It’s on this ride that was saw the playground area with the amusement park that we also visited!

Enjoy the Sunset at the Monument to the Sun |

Zadar has the perfect location for picture perfect sunsets. The Monument to the Sun spot is the perfect gathering spot for locals and tourists to come by and marvel at the colors of the sunset along with a LED light up dance floor. Once it starts to get a bit darker expect the area to get very crowded, but the scenery and the LED floor is sure to be a hit with the kids as you will see plenty of them running around by the excitement of it all.


Listen to Sea Organ |

Right next to the Monument of the Sun is the Sea Organ. Something I have not seen anywhere else. The sea literally will play a melody for you. With each wave that reaches the shore it hits tubes underneath the marble steps and plays a note. It’s an incredible serene and ever changing melody played by the sea that is sure to be enjoyed along with the perfect sunset and the sound of waves crashing against the marble.


Climb the Bell Tower |

You can get an amazing view of the city and some really great photos during the sunset on top of the Bell Tower. If you are able to climb (it’s not too difficult, only a few short minutes to reach the top) i totally recommend doing this as an activity. The cost is very minimal, don’t remember exactly but somewhere between $2-$3 per person.



Marvel at the Architecture |

Zadar is full of Roman inspired architecture, as is much of the Croatian coastline cities. Beautiful old churches, towers, and streetways are filled with things to see and marvel at. Few notable places to visit are: Roman Forum, Church of St. Donatus, St. Anastasia’s Cathedral. Also remember that you can get an excellent view of all of these and more from the Bell Tower top if you chose to climb.



Eat Ice Cream |

What’s better than eating ice cream and strolling the streets? One of my favorite things about Europe is the way that ice cream is displayed. It’s always over the top embellished with elements of whatever the flavor is. It really catches your eye as you walk by these cafe’s and makes your mouth water.



Playtime at the Spielplatz |

The Spielplatz was a complete surprise to us when we saw it on the train ride. I didn’t recall seeing anything about it when i was doing research before our trop about Zadar, but it was a pleasant surprise. I’m not sure if we just caught some special summer festival when we were there or if it’s a summer long occurence, but there were many rides and bouncy houses and other activities that the kids could participate in. Our little one had a blast jumping around and riding some of the rides.



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