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November 14, 2018

Dubrovnik was an absolute must on our list as we were planning our trip to Croatia. Not only because we heard so many amazing things about it’s architecture, but also because my husband and I are major Game of Thrones nerd fans. Although I was very excited about visiting Dubrovnik, the actual visit was too crowded for my liking. I’m guessing the popularity of Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik as it’s filming location for King’s Landing has really blown up and left little room for strolling the streets without feeling claustrophobic.


We once again rented our place from AirBnb. It was a gorgeous 1 bedroom with the views of the cliffs and Mediterranean sea. I could totally picture the ships in the distance heading to King’s Landing to attack King Geoffrey as i sat on the balcony…LOL. The location was far enough to not be too crowded and close enough that it was walkable to get to the main attractions.

Driving into Dubrovnik it was overwhelming to see the amount of huge cruise ships pulling in. It was a sight in itself because you don’t see much of it anywhere else along the coast.

One of the first things we did is to head to the Cable Car for the best views of the area. You can purchase the tickets in advance on the website  or you can purchase it once you get there. You will still need to wait in line to get into the cable car even if you purchase in advance which can be some wait (about 30 min). The ride up in the cable car is only about a minute or two long. Once you get to the top of the Imperial Fortress you will be impressed by the views and the scale of Dubrovnik. It really is such a beautiful and cinematic city. It’s no wonder that it’s used as a filming location of GoT.

***dreaming about pizza probably**

After the cable car and exploring the views at the top we headed into town for a quick Pizza lunch and then we were off for Gelato and lots of walking to checkout all the filming locations around town (anybody remember the queens walk of shame scene?). The old town area has soooooo many amazing architecture details that it’s a bit overwhelming for the senses. Also there are ridiculous amount of stairs. It’s great for a workout, but not so good if you have a toddler who insists to be carried all the time.

He asked me to take a picture of him ^.^

** This was the GoT walk of shame shot **

The next morning we woke up early and headed to the beach area that we saw from our AirBnB. And my was it a gorgeous scenery! The waves were crashing in and out furiously so it was not safe to swim. However, the sight of the cliffs and the water was breathtaking. We just hung around and enjoyed the views and threw some rocks around before heading to a nearby bakery to get some breakfast and then back to the apartment to pack up for the next city on our trip.

** Our AirBnB was the building in the middle – such a gorgeous view! **

The best/cheapest breakfast in the Balkan’s is a Kifla from the bakery closest to you 🙂

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