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October 23, 2017

The first time I came to Rovinj was almost 10 years ago when I spent the summer in Bosnia to visit family and friends. By chance I ended up in Rovinj for an impromptu trip, that was only a couple hours away. Upon arrival to Rovinj I was so mesmerized by it’s romantic cobblestone streets that seemed to be packed in so tightly with buildings. The town has a relaxed feeling that cherishes eating dinner with friends and sipping wine outside on the patio restaurants. You will fall in love with it instantly.

We managed to get away just the two of us for one night while we left the little one with our mother-in-law who traveled with us to visit her brother in Croatia in Medulin nearby, which I will do a separate post about soon. Upon arriving to the town we were greeted with rain. However, we decided to just go and start walking anyway with a hat and a sweater. We’re not made out of sugar so we figured we’d be alright. As we navigated our way through the narrow streets we emerged to the center of the town to an ending rainfall and a double rainbow! That was truly amazing to see, and especially since the sky was beginning to clear to a gorgeous sunset.

We continued to walk around and enjoy the views of the sunset across the water. We eventually stopped by a small cafe/bar to grab a drink. It was a golden hour supreme at that exact location. There was a glow that pictures just wouldn’t do it justice. After a quick drink at bar La’Moura, we walked up the hill to the top where the church was located. There you can see sweeping views of the sea and a plethora of tourists hanging out watching the sunset together. It’s a prime spot for photos and general viewing. If you’d like you can enter the church, but as in anywhere be courteous and quite since many residents to attend the church.

Next, we walked down the hill and did some window shopping while looking for a spot to grab a bite. One of my favorite things when traveling is to find a local artist and buy a small postcard size watercolor drawing of the place we are visiting. At the end of every trip, we frame the artwork and place it in our hallway to remind us of the special time we had in each new town/ city we visited.

If you are a lover of seafood then Rovinj will be your dream town. There are so so many wonderful places you can go to eat freshly caught seafood from that day. I hear it’s amazing (from my husband), but I can only confirm that the vegetarian food is pretty spot on as well if you enjoy Italian style food such as pasta, pizza and of course gelato!

As I mentioned earlier I came to Rovinj about 10 years ago, and when I was there I remember seeing this bar that was situated on a cliff with reflectors in the water at night. It looked absolutely stunning. Unfortunately being a broke college student I didn’t even think I could afford anything there so I just made a mental note that if I ever come back to the town I would come and grab a drink there. So alas it finally happened! I dragged my husband and told him that is the #1 spot that I need to go visit. The name of the place is Valentino Cocktail & Champagne Bar and it is absolutely breathtakingly romantic at night or even during the day.

The seating area consists of cushioned seats on a cliff by the sea while you enjoy a delicious variety of cocktails and small bites if you are hungry. It is a top spot in Rovinj for me and even the next time I return.

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