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December 1, 2017

A short drive from Medulin is the city of Pula. A heavily influenced ancient Roman area where you can still find an abundance of gorgeous old Roman architecture. When looking at a map the town is set on the tip of the Istrian Peninsula. It’s more modern as opposed to Rovinj which has more of a charming character with its hilltops populated by narrow streets. In Pula, you can stroll the streets that are not on an incline in a fairly modernized city. If you have small children Pula is a great city as you won’t need to drag strollers up and down stairs since it is mostly flat.

Pula’s main draw for most visitors is its Roman architecture. Still very beautifully preserved, you can admire one of the oldest amphitheaters from the old Roman times in Pula. In addition, there is an amazing triumphal arch close to the city center called Arch of the Sergii which was built around 27 BC to commemorate three brothers from the Sergii family who served as soldiers. Another sight to see with its tall columns is the Temple of Augustus, which is dedicated to the first Roman emperor Augustus.

On our day in Pula we mostly strolled the streets and enjoyed coffee, ice cream, and gummy bears and bunch of other candy from Captain Jack. There are a ton of souvenir shops, which was really hard to keep our little one away from. Every few meters there was another souvenir shop that he had to run into and play with all the toys. So beware, it can take quite some time to make it out through the streets if you have a curious toddler with you. 🙂

There are many food street vendors on the street where you can grab a quick snack to eat. My favorite was the roasted corn that you can grab and walk through the town. Albeit it’s hard to eat if your hands are full of other things a.k.a bags / a toddler who’s running wild.

Before we left Pula we grabbed a bite to eat at the Old City Bar for lunch, mainly because we saw online that they had falafels. And that’s the little one’s #1 favorite food. Besides falafel, they also had great pizza that I recommend. We sat outside in the garden next to the fountain and it was just a perfect spot for a summer lunch.

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