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January 25, 2017
blue lagoon

There are a few things you’ll need to know when visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Here is a list of 9 things that are good to know before your first visit. Some are fun facts about the Blue Lagoon and others are tips on what to try out once you are there. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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1. The Blue Lagoon water gets its bluish color from the mineral silica that gets picked up from the earth on it’s way to the surface. The water is actually white, but the way it reflects the sunlight makes it look blue!

2. The water in the lagoon is a byproduct of drilling at the nearby Svartsengí Geothermal Power Plant, which creates electricity and hot water for the communities closeby.

3. The water temperature ranges between 37°C and 40°C ( which is about 98°F and 104°F). It’s very comfortable to swim and relax in the water even in the winter time. Getting in the water is a whole different story. All I can say is if you can’t handle the cold try and hop in the indoor pool area and swim out from there. Instead of going outside first and then into the water.

4. Apply conditioner to your hair before going into the Blue Lagoon water. The silica in the water will dry out your hair and make it very brittle. Applying conditioner prohibits the silica from penetrating your hair. I also do not recommend getting your hair wet even if you apply conditioner. If you have long hair it’s best to apply conditioner, and put your hair up in a bun.

5. In the U.S.A. you will hardly see people take a shower naked before getting into the pool. In Iceland that is a requirement. You will be asked to take a shower without your bathing suit before entering the pool. The great thing about the Blue Lagoon is that the showers are a bit more private than most other places I’ve been to in Iceland. At many of the geothermal baths I’ve been to the showers were just large areas without any shower curtains.

6. The silica mud mask use comes with the regular entrance fee. You can use it as many times as you’d like. However the algae mask is part of the upgraded package that comes with a towel. The silica mud mask is a drier mask while the algae mask is a bit more of a moisturizing mask. Don’t leave them on for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

7. If you are traveling to the Blue Lagoon straight from the airport or if you will be departing from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland to the airport there is a luggage drop off that is of great convenience. It seemed like it was a bit of a wait to leave the luggage in a locker. But if you are coming in from the airport or heading back home on a flight it’s a great amenity to have that could save you time in the long run.

8. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland has plenty more to offer other than just milky blue warm waters. There are steam saunas, dry saunas, and a cool looking sauna cave. A huge man-made waterfall shower is also available that gives you a nice massage on your shoulders. If you’d like to relax a bit more they offer also massages in the water by a masseuse.

9. If you are feeling hungry you can head to the small cafe area inside for pre-made sandwiches and coffee. There is also a swim up bar with smoothies and alcoholic drinks outside. If you are feeling fancy you can also eat at the Lava restaurant.

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    Great Information! Thank you.

    • Reply Aldina August 29, 2017 at 8:32 pm

      You are very welcome! Hope you have a great trip to Iceland! 🙂

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