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January 11, 2017

One thing that really shocked me was the price of food in Iceland. I heard that the food was expensive. However, you really don’t experience the sticker shock until you go out for dinner and end up with a bill for over $150. Yikes! Another hardship with Icelandic food is if you are on dietary restrictions, i.e. vegan/vegetarian. My husband can eat anything and everything, he does not discriminate between foods. Me on the other hand, I’m a vegetarian who likes to  keep it simple. A little bit of research before we went out to Iceland helped us narrow down which places we could eat at. One that satisfies his craving for trying out new seafood (Whale anyone?) and my love of pastries and quinoa. Below is a list of all the Iceland vegetarian restaurants we ate at that are great spots for a vegetarian & meat lover. Click the name of the restaurant to be directed to the website with the menu and more drool worthy photos. Bon Appétit!


Reykjavik Chips |

This is a really cute, fast food spot where you can only get fries. But not only plain fries, you get to choose what kind of sauce you want to dip it in with. Ketchup for simple folks, or how about some pickle sauce for the adventurous eater. I stuck with the simple Ketchup.

^^^That delicious cocktail at Apotek!

Apotek |

If you are looking for a fancy dinner out (and expensive yikes!) then you must check out this place. It is perfect for a Vegetarian or a meat eater. I had the Cauliflower Two Ways and the Strawberry Yuzu salad and i ate every single bite of my plate. It was that good. For a cocktail i enjoyed the special drink VINDÁS – and oh my gosh it was so so good. I could have easily had a few more but it was almost $25 for one and i couldn’t get myself to do it. My husband on the other hand, tried Whale as an appetizer and he did not like it. He said the onions overpower the meat. If you are vegetarian than this place should be definitely a visit on your iceland vegetarian restaurants list. Don’t be shied away by the heavily emphasized meat menu, there are great hidden gems here.


Geysir Bistro Reykjavik  |

The first day we got to Icelad we walked around for hours trying to decide where to eat that would be both good for me and for my husband. After walking past this place for the longest time we finally decided to go in and eat since we were starving. I had the veggie farmer special with vegan sausage, a bread bun, and veggies. This too was one of my favorite iceland vegetarian restaurants with a satisfying meal. My husband had the Seafood pasta and he said it was one of the best he’s ever had.


Supa |

This place is actually in the cute gift shop / restaurant area across from the Geysir on the Golden Circle. It has 4 delicious soups that you choose from with a side of crispy bread. It was the best thing to eat on a cold day spent hiking. If you are sick of eating sandwiches then this would be the ideal meal to eat if you are nearby. There is also a variety of other great restaurants within the same building. This was on my list of favorite iceland vegetarian restaurants.


Glo |

This is a very popular raw food restaurant in Reykjavik. You order your food at the counter and take it with you to your table, kind of like Cafeteria style. You can choose between a meal –  Pizza, Pasta – oy you can go the buffet route and get a few different vegetable sides. Even though they serve vegetarian food primarily, you can still find a Chicken wrap if you need some meat. I added this one to my favorite Iceland Vegetarian restaurants.


Mandi |

Add this place as one of your favorite Iceland Vegetarian Restaurants. This building housing this place was undergoing construction and it took us forever to find it! The sign was not visible at all from the construction that was happening around. The food is ethnic middle eastern food serving mostly kabobs, gyros, and falafel sandwiches. It also sold snacks such as chips and candy if you needed it while in there. I had a really delicious falafel sandwich and my husband ate the Lamb Kebab. It’s also open late till 1AM.


Sandholt |

I think this was my favorite bakery in the city. Truly beautiful cakes and delicious pastries (there isn’t a pastry I never liked!). We stopped by here several times for some baked goods, coffee, and sandwiches.


^^^Liquorice Latte at Kaffibrennslan

^^^View from the cafe upstairs


Kaffibrennslan |

This is a really adorable coffee shop with an upstairs area where you can sit and people watch. They serve classic coffees as well some new ones i’ve never tried like a Liquorice Latte. They also have lunch sandwiches and classics like the croissant.


Kornid Bakery |

This is a chain bakery with wonderful affordable baked goods. There was one a short walk away from our Hotel Velllir that we went to eat breakfast on our last day. I wish we saw it sooner, as it was a really affordable compared to other places and great food as well.


Hotel Vellir – Breakfast Buffet |

Lucky for us our hotel included free continental breakfast. This eliminated the hassle of trying to find a place to eat in the morning when we really wanted to be just heading out on our way for adventure. The first 2 days the food was great and we loved it. However, since they serve the same thing everyday we kinda started resenting this breakfast. It was great, but I wish they would have varied it from day to day. They also have a regular menu for purchase later on in the day, consisting of varied food items and drinks.


Bonus |

This is a grocery store that we visited often to load up on snacks for the day. This way we could focus on getting to our next destination rather than looking for places to eat. Only thing that bothered my was that it closes really early, around 6pm I think. If you are on a strict budget this is a great option to save a bit of money rather than eating out at restaurants.

Kronan |

Another grocery store. This one is open much later than Bonus. They close around 9pm.


Valdis |

I saw so many amazing photos of this Ice Cream shop close to the harbor. We made the treck to the area for over 30 min by foot only to be disappointed with tasteless mediocre dessert. Sad to say neither of us finished the ice cream, why waste the calories? Am I right.


Víkurskáli |

This is a restaurant attached to the gas station in Vik. It was packed when we arrived, seems like it’s the only big restaurant that caters to meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans. I had the veggie burger, and for a gas station restaurant this place was pretty decent if you are looking for a Iceland vegetarian restaurant in the area.


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